Donation station

For 5 years now, I have been doing triathlons to raise funds for Kids Haven, a home for street kids. We have started a campaign #tri4kids. So, if you were to give a donation, please consider them. They are a rehabilitation centre for abused and abandoned kids. I know it seems cold, but when you see a kid on the streets, and feel you need to give them some money, don’t. Rather donate that money dedicated to getting that child off the street, dedicated to making that child a productive member of society, dedicated to giving that child a life he/she deserves that is more than just existing. After all, giving that child a reason to be on the street might help them get a meal, but wouldn’t it be better to help them learn how to get a meal for themselves? Link to their page where donations can be made is above. Any donations made, please use the #tri4kids. Thank you in advance.

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